5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a B2B Portal

Wholesale ordering made easy.

Not too long ago many small and medium businesses firmly believed they were just not ready for digital and automated ordering software and associated it with big, flashy, and expensive software companies.

Since then, things have changed. If you are still taking orders the old school way through emails, phone calls and manually entering data, you are spending too much precious time that could be better used in other areas of your business. The good news is, you don’t need to stay stuck in the past.

As times have changed, so have the expectations of customers. No matter where or who they are shopping with, these days most people want to jump online and place an order when it suits them. Customers want to know more, see more, and be able to be serviced at all hours of the day, so the big question is why does your business not provide this to them?

No matter the time or location of your customers, here are the 5 reasons your business needs the SalesIn B2B portal!

1. 24-hour ordering

Your customers will have the ability to place orders at any time of the day when using the SalesIn B2B portal. Your customers can simply Log In, create an order and make a payment in minutes. You can even ensure customers spend a certain amount before checking out.

2. Automate & Digitize Ordering

Stop manually entering data and free up yourself and your staff to focus on other important tasks. Empower customers to place their own orders and remove the labour cost of manually inputting orders, taking lengthy phone calls, or trying to understand poorly written emails.

3. Scalability & Customer Satisfaction

An effective B2B ecommerce digital platform enables your business to grow and scale easily to meet market demand and customer needs. Have confidence knowing that no matter how much you grow, customer satisfaction will be at the forefront of your brand and orders will keep flowing in.

4. Customized B2B Portal & Stock Levels

SalesIn allows your customers to view their products in a customized B2B portal. Display items with multiple images to make certain a customer knows precisely what they are ordering. Even go a step further and give customers the ability to see updated stock levels.

5. Simple Integration

Allow the information and data from your accounting system or inventory management software to feed directly into SalesIn and remove double handling. Make changes in one program that will feed directly into the B2B portal and have customer orders flow directly back when the order has been dispatched.

Sounds far too good, doesn’t it?

Utilising a B2B seems like a no-brainer now and most people are shocked when they find out that setting one up only takes a few hours, not weeks or months.

If you want to start utilising an affordable and effective sales tool, you can book some time in with our Business Development Manager to learn how easy it is to get started, or jump straight in and start your own 14-day Free Trial.

How do you get started, or want to know more about how SalesIn can help digitize and automate your business?

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