Pricing Policy

Paid Subscriptions

New users are given a free, 14 day trial to use and evaluate the full feature set of SalesIn (restricted to one user).
If the user wants to continue past the 14 day trial, they must upgrade to a Subscription.
SalesIn accepts credit cards as payment for subscriptions, which are either monthly or yearly based, and paid for in advance. Discounts are given for choosing a yearly based subscription.

Subscription Renewal

Subscription renewal happens automatically on the anniversary date of when the subscription was commenced, relative to the term (monthly or yearly). For example, if the user commenced a monthly subscription on the 5th of March, they have access to use SalesIn between 5th March and 4th April, and will be charged automatically on the 5th of April to use SalesIn until 4th of May, and so on.

Changing The Subscription

Users can change your subscription in the following ways:

  • Adding additional users
  • Removing existing users
  • Changing the subscription term (monthly vs yearly)
  • Cancelling your subscription

To keep our subscriptions easy to follow, we align the anniversary dates for subscriptions to be on the same day each month (if on a monthly subscription). For example: If the first user account was created on the 6th of March, and then another created on the 21st of March, there would be two separate invoices issued on these dates in March, both for a full monthly use of SalesIn. On April 6th, a single invoice will be issued. This will contain charges relating to the first user for a full month, as well as charges for the second user. However, the second user will be credited back the portion of what has already been paid last month (calculated based on number of days). Assuming no further changes to the subscription, on May 6th, an invoice for both users will be issued, both for the same amount.

Upgrading the Subscription

Users can choose to upgrade their subscription to introduce additional features such as Appointments, Inventory and Data Integration.
Requests for upgrading subscriptions should be sent to until such time as we are able to fully automate the process.

Downgrading or Cancelling the Subscription

All SalesIn subscriptions are prepaid and any charges are not refundable.
Users can be removed from a subscription at any stage, however any remaining credit is not redeemable nor transferable.
Due to security reasons, cancellation of your subscription altogether (including irreversible data removal) must be sent to for one of our support technicians to validate and action.

Inactive Subscriptions

Users can choose to leave their SalesIn subscription inactive for a maximum period of 12 months.
An inactive subscription means no users are currently active.
We provide this facility so that users that want to use SalesIn occasionally can do so without incurring charges for periods of inactivity.
If a SalesIn subscription remains inactive for longer than 12 months, it will be irreversibly deleted from our servers.
Sufficient warning (via email) will be given, leading up to this deletion process.

Credit Card Payment Failure

If a subscription fails to renew (usually caused by invalid/expired credit card and/or insufficient funds), the associated account(s) will enter into a Grace Period. The Grace Period lasts for 7 days, during which time SalesIn will function normally. Once payment has been taken, the Grace Period will be lifted. If the Grace Period expires, the associated user account(s) will become inactive.