What is SalesIn?

The ultimate sales tool

With 2022 already back into full swing, many businesses start the new year looking for alternative ways to service customers both online and face to face.

But in a time of uncertainty this can be rather tricky and adapting quickly is a vital ingredient to success. So, how do you overcome these challenges and how do we keep customers ordering 24/7, in as many ways as possible?

Here at SalesIn, we have simple but highly effective solutions that help businesses to thrive during the craziness and take advantage of every sale opportunity available.

So, what is SalesIn and how can it help your business?

SalesIn has 3 primary features.

The first is the SalesIn App

The SalesIn Sales Rep App enables you and your Sales Reps to take orders and create invoices in just a few quick steps – just with your Apple iOS phone or iPad, on or offline. This way a sale will never be missed and being remote is never an issue.

The SalesIn Sales Rep App also gives you the confidence to remain up to date with all your product information, show case the items in a gallery format and check stock levels.

Secondly, the customized B2B order portal

SalesIn offers a customized B2B portal where your customers can log into directly from your website 24/7.

Simply send them an invitation from SalesIn and get them ordering with you straight away!

You can choose what information you would like your B2B customers see, or don’t see, in the B2B settings page.

Once a customer places an order you can receive an email notification and then SalesIn will feed the customer orders directly into your accounting or inventory software to be paid.

Last but not least, the SalesIn Dashboard & Integrator

The SalesIn dashboard gives the business owner or administrator the ability to see an overview of how the business is performing, customer information, Items, stock levels or you just need to create a sale.

The SalesIn integrator links your accounting or inventory software to SalesIn. This will feed customer, item, sales, and discount rules information directly into the program. Double handling information is now gone, and you can now spend your time doing other important things.

SalesIn simplify simplifies your customer ordering and empowers you to focus on other important business tasks.

How do you get started, or want to know more about how SalesIn can help digitize and automate your business?

Simply sign up here for a 14-day Free Trial, or Book a Demo, with our Business Development Manager by clicking the links below!

“Stay tuned for some awesome things we will be doing this year to help you scale and grow your business!”