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B2B e-commerce solution for your small business

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SalesIn manages the entire sales ordering process to resolve order fulfilment in one easy solution.

Empower your sales reps through the SalesIn App, and capture sales orders while on the road for immediate transfer straight to your accounting system. Let your sales reps spend more time doing what they know best – selling!

Eliminate phone and email orders entirely, and have your customers use SalesIn B2B to place orders for themselves through your very own online web shop.

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How SalesIn benefits your business

Increase Sales

Save Time and Money

Work in the cloud

Showcase your products

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Your sales reps will love SalesIn

green-tick-clip-art  Present products to clients through imagery, product categories and customisable product sort orders

green-tick-clip-art  Identify stock levels in real time for accurate sell through

green-tick-clip-art  Handle promotional discounting and customer specific pricing eliminating the need for customer price books

green-tick-clip-art  Maintain a registry of customer pantry lists and refill requirements for contracted supply

green-tick-clip-art  Support multiple units of sale such as unit, carton or pallet for flexible data input

green-tick-clip-art  Use sales history to identify sale gaps and opportunities in order to increase order size

green-tick-clip-art  Reflects upon customer notes to ensure in-store sales dialogue is relevant and up to date

B2B e-Commerce out of the box

SalesIn includes a web based B2B e-Commerce web store. This ready-to-go and easy to use storefront offers your clients an additional method for re-stocking their shelves, whether day or night, in and out of store.

It literally takes minutes to setup, linking seamlessly with your accounting system and providing your accounts with a dynamic self-service application reflecting customer specific product ranging and pricing.

Speed up order fulfilment

The SalesIn App and B2B web shop can automatically forward sales to the warehouse for timely delivery.

SalesIn sends email notifications to warehouse staff for rapid fulfilment and helps communication between internal team members and reps, to ensure efficient work outcomes.

Say goodbye to constant phone calls from reps asking about stock levels or pricing!  And office staff will never have to key in another order over the phone again.

SalesIn creates new ways of linking your field force to office and warehouse, fast tracking order fulfillment whilst preventing sales errors through double handling, resulting in time savings that are incredible!

Field management and reporting

SalesIn overcomes management challenges by establishing transparency between office staff and field force.

green-tick-clip-art  Provide sales reps with the tools to self-allocate appointments or book ahead on the reps’ behalf.

green-tick-clip-art  Integrate SalesIn with Apple or Google maps to identify rep field locations.

green-tick-clip-art  Specify activities to perform onsite

green-tick-clip-art  Run productivity reports to reveal the number and timing of site visits per day or per week.

green-tick-clip-art  Take action to remedy compliance issues and improve in-store retail execution.

Seamless integration

Easily connect SalesIn to your existing accounting system and experience a fully integrated work flow.

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