SalesIn works seamlessly with MYOB AccountRight Classic v19 (and earlier) so you don’t have to manually enter information into both systems. Your customers and products from MYOB are available for use in SalesIn, and sales flow back to MYOB automatically.

How does it work?

If you are on the Complete plan, SalesIn can be quickly integrated with your existing copy of MYOB AccountRight for no additional cost. All you need to do is install our SalesIn Integration software on your PC that runs MYOB, and it will periodically scan for changes in both MYOB and SalesIn, and then automatically transfer data between the two.

Export Sales, Customers, Items

Work in the cloud

Real Time Data

Work across devices

MYOB data is sent to SalesIn

green-tick-clip-art Customer contact details

green-tick-clip-art Customer billing and delivery addresses

green-tick-clip-art Customer credit limits

green-tick-clip-art Customer account balances

green-tick-clip-art Customer payment terms

green-tick-clip-art Customer sales rep allocation

green-tick-clip-art Item details

green-tick-clip-art Item selling prices

green-tick-clip-art Item stock levels

green-tick-clip-art Item tax code details

SalesIn data is sent to MYOB

green-tick-clip-art New customers

green-tick-clip-art New sales orders

green-tick-clip-art New invoices

green-tick-clip-art New quotes

green-tick-clip-art New credit notes

green-tick-clip-art New payments

Take a closer look. No credit card required.