SalesIn & Fishbowl Inventory Integration

Sales Cultivation, Culmination & Integration – The Ultimate Sales Combination

SalesIn and Fishbowl Inventory integrate together seamlessly to bring together sales ordering, sales management and inventory management all under one roof.

This is a great tool for any organisation to capitalise on streamlining their organisation’s sales processes into their inventory management and accounting systems.

So what is Fishbowl Inventory?

Fishbowl is a very powerful yet easy to use Order Management, Manufacturing, and Inventory management solution. Fishbowl Inventory looks after all of your Sales Order, Purchase Order & Manufacturing Order workflow, and as a result keeps accurate inventory levels so that you can deliver in full on time & reduce stock outages.

Fishbowl offers two flagship offerings which are “Fishbowl Manufacturing”, and “Fishbowl Warehouse”. Fishbowl Inventory performs inventory management tasks such as barcoding, serial number and batch tracking, advanced bill of materials and work orders. Fishbowl also has seamless accounting integrations with Intuit QuickBooks Online, Xero, and Reckon Accounts. Integrations of this nature extend Fishbowl’s capabilities by enabling real-time inventory and accounting reporting while increasing data accuracy.

When Fishbowl is implemented into your business, it’s not just a tool to manage your inventory levels, sales, purchasing, and manufacturing processes, but a way to make sure that your data is complete and accurate. With better workflows, in-depth reporting and minimising errors, Fishbowl saves time through removing the need for double data entry.

It’s not just about the data, it’s also about the people. We pride ourselves in having the best local team on the planet, with all support and sales done through our beautiful Queensland, Sunshine Coast office.

Who is SalesIn?

SalesIn was founded to help small businesses improve their sales orders and invoicing processes, saving them valuable time and money.

Originally founded as “JobSync” in 2011 and acquired by Fishbowl in 2020, SalesIn has gone through many iterations, twists and turns to arrive at what you see today.

It all started with a focus on helping sales reps in the field move away from capturing orders and invoices with a pen and paper or calling orders through to the office. Reps wanted more information at their fingertips, such as real time stock levels, product photos, account history and contract pricing. That’s when our SalesIn app for iOS was born.

With the incredible explosion of eCommerce, we knew that our clients needed to be competitive in this space too. This led to the creation of SalesIn B2B, our customer ordering platform, where your customers can login and place orders for themselves through a stunning product gallery.

With integrations for not only Fishbowl – but several accounting softwares – SalesIn has become the ultimate sales tool for any company, especially our Fishbowl friends.

The SalesIn & Fishbowl Integration

SalesIn integrates easily with Fishbowl Inventory. Customers and products from Fishbowl sync with SalesIn, and sales flow back to Fishbowl automatically. Integrating SalesIn with Fishbowl makes the sales process in your business quick, easy and accurate, removing sales order re-entry.

While there’s loads of complex integration systems out there – SalesIn focuses on simplifying that process and giving companies control over what information is synchronised across.

Here are some great links to how the SalesIn/Fishbowl integration set up is completed and run – as a Fishbowl customer you simply sign up to SalesIn (it’s free!) install the integrator, set your integrator settings how you want them, and run the integration! It’s that easy.

Check out SalesIn & Fishbowl today with a free 2 week trial and see for yourself – see the link below to trial today!