The b2b platform for business today

In today’s business world – especially after the Covid pandemic – having an ecommerce solution is crucial. More and more people are choosing to shop online and the buyer persona’s for today’s age are no longer those generations who grew with the creation of communication technologies – but those who were born into it.

Younger business owners, younger shoppers and younger entrepreneurs are all linked in and using technology to buy, sell and develop their businesses today – and they are slowly becoming the majority.

One key component of these technologies is the utilisation of b2b platforms to sell goods from one business to another. There are loads of variety out there with different b2b platforms to choose from that offer different features. Depending on your business needs you may need more customisation for your platform per specific customers, or you may need your b2b platform to link into your inventory and accounting systems, or you may need the b2b platform to be invitation only so you can set specific price rules for those customers. The options are endless – and there are some great platforms out there that will help your business thrive.

The SalesIn b2b platform

In this article we’re going to focus on the SalesIn b2b platform. No software is perfect – the sooner people realise this, the happier they will be with the software’s they do use. But SalesIn offers a highly effective, invitation based b2b platform for your customers that promotes your catalogue in a multitude of ways.

From generating specific price rules for their customers, white-labelling the platform to match your branding, customising whether stock levels or prices are viewable, to much, much more – the b2b platform available in SalesIn offers an affordable solution to get your products in front of your customers using the most current methodologies today.

Setting your preferences

There are so many preference options in the b2b platform with SalesIn that it almost makes you feel like you are developing your own ecommerce website. However, SalesIn takes away the difficult aspects of coding and developing sequences and leaves you with a simple, no-code, preference screen that helps get your site up and running in no time.

Follow this link for a quick guide on what each of the preference tabs means and how to use them. Or alternatively, check out our b2b platform tutorial on Youtube.


One of the best aspects of the SalesIn b2b platform is not only are you giving your customers control over their orders while making life easier for your team. But you can integrate your other systems – accounting, inventory and more – so that the whole experience is seamless for your business as well.

The SalesIn API is constantly developing and growing – with current integrations into MYOB Accountright, Quickbooks & Reckon, Xero, Fishbowl, and Sybiz.

Tracking Results

SalesIn also provides a fantastic reporting function where we provide you the analytical data on customer orders – their values, items, sales-by-time and more – for your company to get a great scope of what your customers want more of and what works best for your business.

Try it for free!

Free is my favourite F-word – and SalesIn’s b2b platform lets you try out all of it’s features and functionalities free for 2 weeks. That’s right – you can have a live version of your ecommerce store up and running for 2 weeks before you even have to look at paying for it. Not only that, but the actual subscription and transaction costs are far lower than the average b2b platform.

If you want to check out the SalesIn platform today reach out to one of our friendly staff at 1300 785 755 or email If you do want to check out the free trial follow the link provided here

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