SalesIn Application 
iOS 15 Update Troubleshooting Guide

Steps for Checking and Updating the SalesIn Application 

  • Take details of any current orders that may not have synced with Screenshots. If this is not completed you may lose un-synced sales. These will say “Pending” in the Sales screen. You can also login to the web portal to enter Sales through this link.
  • Check your application version – Go to the Info menu >> Version in the SalesIn settings
  • If the version is 5.22.0 or below, log out of the application.
  • If the version is 5.23.0 or above, log out, clear device licenses from the Administration menu in the web portal (details below).
  • Download the new version of SalesIn from the Apple App Store.
  • Log In to your SalesIn Application to rebuild your database.

To Clear your Device License.

  • If you have access, Log In to the SalesIn Web Portal >> Administration Menu >> User Accounts and select the relevant device button for the user. (If you do not have access contact your Administration User to complete this step, this is normally a Sales Manager)
  • Select the clear license button if there are still any licenses active

Unfortunately this process will require an application database rebuild.
This means any unsaved orders will not go across – therefore you must make sure  you have a copy of your unsynchronised data before updating.

Warm regards,

Team SalesIn.