Paperless: Save Time, Money and The Environment

Changing your company from physical files to digital files can be scary, but can also be rewarding. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and logistics of going paperless!

Changing your company from physical files to digital files can be scary, but can also be rewarding. Let’s discuss some of the benefits and logistics of going paperless!

Save time and money

In the past 15 years, ink and toner prices have skyrocketed unbelievably high. Consumer Reports put the cost between $13 and $75 an ounce. Every business has paperwork on file. As your business grows, so will ink usage. If you go paperless, however, your ink/toner cost will be $0 or nearly $0, so it actually saves you exponentially more money as your business grows! It also saves money on less-easily-measurable expenses, like expediting repetitive tasks that eat time, printing, filing, sorting, and collating. It can also hasten your billing process, getting you more money faster! Time is Money, and going paperless saves you both!

Customer Relations

This might seem a bit tenuous at first, so bear with me. Going paperless improves customer relations. I promise. The reason is two-fold and actually pretty simple, but can help a great deal. Firstly, your customers will receive communication from you instantly instead of the delay associated with mail. With the increase in mobile communication technology, busy customers will appreciate the expedited communication. Secondly, many customers will like that you’re doing your part to save on paper and go “Green”. This brings us straight to…


Many companies are hesitant to make the switch to paperless because they’re afraid of change (even if they don’t admit it!) or cite unnecessary expenses/training associated with it. The truth is that most paperless solutions are very simple to use and the savings drastically outweigh the associated costs! There are countless customer relations programs (with associated apps)! It’s even easier with programs like MailChimp for contacts, ZenDesk for ticket requests and EverNote for note-sharing. There’s also (ahem) our very own, all-in-one inventory management and accounting software, SalesIn!

The world is moving towards a paperless business environment. What are some more ways to go paperless?

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